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Wellness & Kinesiology

Taking the time to give yourself some time...

We invite you to take care of your Well-Being with Kinesiology.
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Espace bien etre

Stressed out?

Do you lead a stressful life with all the unpleasant symptoms it can bring?
*Malaise, anxiety, anguish, tension, agitation, indecision, worry, lack of joy, low self-esteem, melancholy feelings, being overwhelmed by events or overcome by your emotions…
From the time we are conceived through to the present, our body records and keeps all the information about our life. We have buried deep within us the traumas, suffering, shocks, stress that are the source of our usual reactions.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a non-medical human science, a holistic approach to health that makes it possible to:
- Release stress through reflex points
- Remove negative emotional baggage
- Holistically balance the person physically, mentally and emotionally

Its Technique?

This technique was developed in the late 60s by George Goodheart, a Chiropractor who discovered a direct relationship between muscle tone and conditions of stress.

What is Kinesiology's main tool?

The Muscle Test: This is a painless test that only takes a few seconds. It uses the relationship between a state of stress and the muscle tone, providing access to the person's structural, biochemical and psycho-emotional systems. The muscle test makes it possible to detect the causes of troubles and their antidotes. This muscle test will indicate the re-balancing and corrections that the person needs

The Balancing:

The corrections are based upon the principles of Chinese medicine combined with new western techniques.
*Acupressure point
*Neurovascular point
*Polarised touch
*Simple body movements (Brain gym)
*Eye mode (EMDR)
*Applying the principle de Neuropsychology

For what results?

*Increasing your Well-Being
*Stimulating the vital forces for self-healing in the person seeking the consultation
*Overcoming the emotions that inhibit us
*Regaining your potential, your free-will
*Regaining balance
*Balancing your energies
*Acquiring new options
*Rediscovering vitality, zest for life, discernment

Kinesiologists are not substitutes for doctors. They do not make diagnoses or give medical prescriptions. They do not provide treatment, they re-balance.

Consultation by Appointment.
Session length: 1 H
Tariff: EUR 60