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La bourgogne : une région à découvrir

Sound Journey and Musical Relaxation

Everyone is Musical.
We are all responsive to the gift that is music. It is part of our being, without exception. Music surrounds us and nourishes us from the very moment of our conception: from the sounds heard through the amniotic fluid during our mother's pregnancy to the rhythmic beats of our heart. Music and rhythm, by their very nature, are life itself.

Sound therapy is the conscious use of sound energy to boost a person's well-being and encourage the expansion of awareness.
Healing by sound is based on the premise that all matter vibrates at specific frequencies. One of the basic physical concepts is that an external sound source greatly modifies the vibratory characteristics of another object. The conscious use of sounds, of music, can generate vibrations that act directly on our brain's waves and on our natural rhythms: heartbeats, breathing.

The Sound Therapist's World

Sound Therapists use the following instruments: Drums, Gongs, Shells, Didgeridoos (made from Agave flowers, their notes act on the balance of the neural spheres), Maracas, Flutes, Ocarinas, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Sensulas, Crystal Bowls, etc. Tuning Forks act directly on the acupuncture points through the frequencies they emit. The voice, too, is a highly sophisticated frequency modulator.

Our Sound Therapists: Dielkis and Louis Genelot

In 2005 Louis left the small Burgundy village of Bragny to explore Latin America. After two years' travelling, he met a young Venezuelan girl, Dielkis. Together, the couple created the "Connection & Resonance" project in 2008 in Venezuela, which they developed further in Mexico. The concept arrived in France in 2013. This is an intuitive musical approach for generating well-being, relaxation and healing through sound and conscious breathing. They use ancestral instruments from all over the world, and modern instruments that are the fruits of scientific research. Chants and sounds are used to focus and harmonise. Ever since her teens, Dielkis has practised meditation and shamanism, the traditional ancestral medicine of the land where she was born. She is also experienced in relaxation massages, using sounds. Louis, a keen musician since early childhood, converted to this music of well-being, to continually searching for the note that can help the body become itself again, solely through sound therapy. A natural, crystal-clear sound whose vibrations plunge you deep within yourself and often make you discover unsuspected hidden phases.

A genuine journey, in which the harmonic resonance will let you release your stress, stimulate your creativity, increase your energy, unwind, …


60 Eur – per person – 1 hr.(1 to 2 persons)
40 Eur – per person – 1 hr. (group of 6)
25 Eur – per person – 1 hr. (group of about 10)

Discover the area by microlight

Patrice offers guests of La Jasoupe the possibility to discover the area by microlight.
Enjoy a unique experience at the heart of the “Climats of Burgundy”, which were recently awarded world heritage status by UNESCO.
Patrice offers guests of La Jasoupe the possibility to discover the area by microlight.

Located 10km south of Beaune, Demigny is very close to the leading tourist destinations and fascinating leisure activities:



Its heritage, the Hospices de Beaune, the Wine Museum, the Marey Museum, the Notre Dame basilisk, visit of the cellars, etc.

The surrounding area

Vineyards, the pride of Burgundy, and its villages such as Pommard, Volnay, Meursault, Puligny Montrachet, etc.


at Château de MEURSAULT, Château de POMMARD , Château de DEMIGNY

Leisure activities:

Beaune Levernois golf course 6km away
Bike rides: "the Vine Route" or the Green Route
Walks through the Beaune countryside
Tasting class
Safari in the vineyard